World’s Most Dangerous Hike? Watch This Video And Take A Heart-Stopping Walk!

Can't wait for them to finish the renovations before heading over to Spain and dare to try what has been called “the world's most dangerous pathway”? Then  watch this precarious virtual hike from the comfort of your browser.

Located along a steep gorge in El Chorro, the El Caminito del Rey  (the King's little pathway), or Camino del Rey,  has fallen into serious disrepair and is being rebuilt starting this year (2014). Completed in 1905 and closed in 2000 by the Spanish government, hikers still make their way there and take their life in their own hands despite others having fallen to their deaths and fines for anyone caught there.

You can live vicariously through Daniel Ahnen's eyes when he filmed his hike along this scary trail. He unfortunately slipped and fell to his tragic death into a gorge in 2011 during an Arwa Spire Expedition in the Indian Himalayas.

The views are undeniably spectacular, but would you really risk your life for this? Not me, but I guess some of us like the rush! A nightmare for some and a challenge to conquer for others, you'd be quite lucky if that vertigo doesn't suddenly grab a hold of you.



IMAGES: FEATURED by Gabi, HEADER by Juan Jose Ferres via Flickr

Author: Peter Tiedemann

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