Why Fitness & Exercise


We are all aware by now that we need to use discernment when working our way through the internet with so many opinions and ways of doing things.

The fitness niche is one example. To complete our book that is coming out in a few months, we have been researching information to back up our theories and it is surprising how much incomplete or disputable information there is out there. This site is here to post articles that support the ideas in our book that express a new trend in fitness leaning towards less is more. We will also be posting many articles that are either wrong, incomplete, badly explained and misleading according to our point of view to help you sift through a lot of the junk that's out there. We welcome debate!

The book is based on personal trial and error experience so don't take just our word for it! We are opening the floor for discussion with food for thought with links that provide better answers than most or that debunk previously accepted scientific studies.

Some people need, want and thrive on exercise programs.

Our exercise philosophy connects the dots using common sense, without trying to motivate people by cracking the whip to “buckle down and start a fitness routine” and  “No Pain, No Gain” kind of crap. We say “No Pain, All Gain”.

It's not how fast and how far you walk. It's “how” you walk that gives results. We keep hearing that walking is the best exercise but not many explain why. Countless internet pages express the joys and how-to's of walking and running and we are here to tell you how to turn these two activities into a delicious posture correcting, pain relieving self massage, and the tricks that make it doable.

Exercise does and should feel good!