What This Woman Found On Her Morning Hike Will SHOCK You. Her Solution? Awesome!

This heart wrenching story comes from Phoenix, Arizona when a woman got the shock of her life when she was out on her morning hike in the nearby mountains. She had the courage to do the right thing and save this poor dog that had been left for dead. How cruel some people can be is frightening. What she did, though, restores my faith in humanity.

Andi Davis follows the same trail every morning, but what she found on the top of a Phoenix mountain preserve peak would change her family's lives and save a life too.

Man's best friend is also this little girl's.

He's a pit bull now named Elijah, and his unlikely story of ending up in 10-year-old Jessica's care started when he was left for dead in the mountains.

FOX 10 News | myfoxphoenix.com

“I looked down and there's this dog laying there he's not moving,” says Andi Davis, Jessica's mom.

Andi Davis was hiking her usual trail when she spotted the dog. She's always been afraid of pit bulls, but with no one around, helping the dog was up to her.

“I realized I have two choices I can try to help this animal or run down the mountain to try to get help.”

She carried the 47-pound pit bull down the steep mountain for half an hour until her family was able to meet her. Andi's daughter Jessica ran toward the animal.

“Her heart melted and he looked up and gave her a kiss.”


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SOURCE: Jessica Flores at MyFoxPhoenix.com

IMAGES: FEATURED by MyFoxPhoenix, HEADER by green kozie via Flickr

Author: Peter Tiedemann

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