VIDEO: Yoga For Hikers? Prevent Injury With These Easy Stretches Before Your Hike.

Doing stretches before heading out for a hike is crucial if you want to avoid injury. After sitting around in an office all week, you might just head out without any thoughts about preparing your body for the strain it'll be put under. You'll want to use stretches for your quads, hips and hamstrings that will also help your lower back. This is where yoga comes in because these poses will give you all the stretches you need to get your body ready.

Make sure you pay attention to your breathing because that is a critical component of all body movements. Learn how to breathe properly by clicking here if you're not sure.

Warm up before these yoga stretches by walking around for a few minutes, especially after sitting in a long car ride to get to the hike location.

You can use these daily to stay limber between hikes. Also, walk at least 3-4 times per week to keep your body tuned up.


IMAGES: HEADER (cropped) by Zach Dischner, FEATURED by Andrew Whalley on Flickr

Author: Peter Tiedemann

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  1. …..and even more important, when you get back. Now they’re saying that pre-workout stretching is not the ideal, better along the way as you warm up.

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