VIDEO: This Is A CRAZY Place For A Slip and Slide. Wait Until You See It.

These guys and gals sure looked like they had a blast doing this one. This is not your average setting for a Slip and Slide.

If you're going to pick an outstanding location to do a Slip and Slide, then this is it. They chose a spot where there's a 50 foot drop off a cliff. Woah! Call them crazy or courageous, it does look like a helluva lot of fun.

It was shot on Lake Powell, near Padre Bay in Utah. At least they used environmentally friendly soap, because they sure used a lot of it!

If you like to swim to get fit, then this is certainly a crazy way to get into the water!



IMAGES: FEATURED, HEADER by Jim Liestman via Flickr




Author: Peter Tiedemann

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