Running Champion Shares His #1 Secret Running Tip

Top Secret Running Tip

This Olympic contender and 2012 USA Mountain Running Champion athlete's secret tip is quite simple and you would be wise to heed his advice. In 4 minutes, he gives some of the advice I've been  putting into a book I'm writing. Slow down to improve your fitness level in the long run!

These days they now have the Ultra Marathons, which are based on the same principles. This information is for anyone, not just for “runners”. The idea is that a slow run (which is basically just a fluid walk) is the medium to “get in shape”. I am constantly finding articles that validate the thought that exercise is often not explained well and people end up working out at a higher level than need be – causing dislike and boredom of exercise… not to mention the injuries that interfere with training.

Watch the video here:

Image Source: Alexis Martín via Flickr

Author: Grace Graham

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