Hey Fitness Dudes. Have You Heard That Women Might Be More “_________” Than You At The Gym?

The word you're looking for is “unconventional“. Yup, looks like women tend to go more “outside the box” when it comes to fitness.

Willing to try different things to get fit, they'll tend to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to get in shape and not worry about what everyone else is looking at. The men tend to have their egos in the way, which prevents them from checking new things out to get in better shape.

In this article, Mark de Grasse talks about the use of kettlebells. So, guys, you might want to try and pick up those kettlebells instead of barbells to get a more functional workout. The bonus here is that you can reduce future injuries by adding these kind of workouts to your routine, making your body more flexible in the process.

For a quick comparison of Barbells vs Kettlebells, check this out. Each has their own purpose in conditioning the body.

Read about Mark's experience with women vs men in his kettlebell classes:



Are women more unconventional than men when it comes to fitness?

Having run a kettlebell gym myself and spoken with tons of kettlebell trainers and gym owners, I have found one thing to be very consistent: women attend kettlebells classes much more than men (and not by a small margin either). In many cases, a 10 to 1 ratio is not unheard of. With the “badass” factor of unconventional training methods like kettlebells, why do women seem to be much more willing to embrace the unknown by swinging kettlebells for high intensity training sessions much more than men?

Since I’m not a woman, I can only theorize based on my knowledge and experience. I just want men to get up to speed and start busting out some unconventional training methods like they should. It’s time we all acknowledge the reasons and move forward!Here are my top 3 reasons why I think the average woman is more unconventional than the average man:


1  Women are Tougher than Men


Women are more open to unconventional training methods than most men.

There are many definitions of “tough,” but in the sense of having a less-than-tender ego in the gym, women are usually tougher than men. Men have a built-in aversion to looking weak or incapable, and when it comes to experimenting with new movements in a public environment, this can be a large barrier to getting them into a kettlebell class.


2  Women are More Open than Men

Are-Women-More-Unconventional-3Women want to be fit more than most men.Most guys want to be “cutting edge” when it comes to tech, but the same is not true for fitness. I constantly see references to the “good old days” of bodybuilding in the 1970’s, when guys looked like they are supposed to: giant, greased up, muscle bound dudes training on the beach. While this might seem impressive to a lot of men, it doesn’t reflect the current trend of the fitness industry towards more functional, efficient training techniques that promote longevity and useful strength, conditioning, and agility.

Conversely, women are willing to embrace almost anything to get into better shape. This extends to pole dancing, stretching in a 105 degree room, and prancing around a park like a crazy person. No method is too weird, uncomfortable, or silly for them to try; unconventional methods like kettlebells seem almost tame in comparison!


3  Women Want It More than Men

When it comes down to it, the motivation to workout is not as strong for the average man as it is for the average woman. Men are simple creatures for the most part; we get the basics that we need to be happy (food, sex, sleep, and entertainment).

Conversely, women have such complex desires that I’m not going to embarrass myself by guessing what they might be, however, I know they include a much stronger demand for self-improvement, health, and longevity than the average man.

In relation to unconventional training techniques like kettlebells, women are attracted to the fact that they will need to learn a skill, that they will sweat their asses off, and in most likelihood, they’ll be hurting the next day.

The Solution for Men

The solution for men is simple: Man the f@#& up! Drop the ego, stop thinking you know what you’re doing, and try something new that could be infinitely valuable to your health. Kettlebells are quick and effective, and learning how to use them could deliver a lifetime a low-cost fitness. Get to work.

SOURCE: Mark DeGrasse at Onnit.com

IMAGES: Onnit.com, HEADER (cropped) by porqpyne on Flickr

Author: Peter Tiedemann

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  1. My studio is inline with unconventional training.
    35 women. 8 men. Most men tell me they have to get in better shape before they can train with me. Women apologize for bad session.

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