Been Sneaking Snacks In Your Fitness Plan? How About Sneaking These Instead! #4 Is Kooky.

If you've been strapped for time and haven't had or made the time lately to make it to the gym, then here's 10 ideas for sneaking some workout routines into your day.

Although this is stretching the term functional fitness a bit, you can do additional movements as you move throughout the day. By knowing what movement would be appropriate in different situations, your body will learn to move in ways you hadn't thought about before.

As you work to incorporate these different exercises into your day, pay attention to how your body is moving in relation to the movement you're making. Slow down, breathe, and listen to what your body is telling you.

Pay attention to pain and breathe into it. If it's too painful, stop. Pain is an indicator of where you need to work on your body, but with mindful attention.

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Last week on Fitness Friday, one of my lovely readers, Alina, commented that she tries to workout everyday, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. It really got me thinking about how much better I feel when I’ve gotten some form of fitness into my day. We all have days where despite our best intentions, we know squeezing in a workout is just not going to happen. Maybe it’s happening for the second, third, or fourth day in a row. Even on those days, you can sneak in fitness. Whether you are at work, out running errands, or staying home with the kids, there are ways you can incorporate calorie burning, bursts of cardio, and strength training into your day. Small efforts add up, and something is always better than nothing when it comes to fitness. Here are my tricks for making fitness happen when life is taking over and not letting me get a formal workout in.

1  Stop five times during your day and do ten push ups. Push ups are a great whole-body exercise and 50 push ups in a day is a lot! You can find time to do ten at five different times, can’t you? Think first thing when you wake up, after cleaning up the breakfast dishes, during your lunch break or when you put your little one down for a nap, sometime during the late afternoon or early evening, and before bed. See? Easy.


2 When you are going up stairs, sprint up. If you have an extra minute, go up and down a few times.


3 Park as far away from where you are going as possible. Trust me, those extra steps add up!


4  While brushing your teeth, do squats.


5 Do lunges while walking through your house.


6 Use the stairs instead of an elevator. Walk up escalators instead of standing.


7 Where ever you are going, walk fast. You’re burning more calories and getting your heart pumping just a little bit more.


8 Stop what you are doing and do 10-15 chair dips. Do this 2-3 times during the day.


9 Take a break and do a plank. Hold it as long as you can. Do this multiple times during the day.


10 Whether you are working at a desk or at home playing with your toddler, keep dumb bells nearby. Sneak in some strength training in between working/playing.


Whether you do one of these on your non-workout days or all 10, your body will be better off for sneaking in some extra fitness.

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Author: Peter Tiedemann

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